How to release a FusionDirectory Version

  • Updates the locales
  • Increment FusionDirectory version
  • Update the file
  • Updates the in fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory-plugins
  • Write the upgrade documentation
  • Update the
  • Regenerate the manpages with the new version
  • Merge the branch into master for fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory plugins

All those operations have to be made onto the 1.x-fixes branch each one of them inside a ticket with the label ~release and with a MR

Updates the locales

Update the locales from transifex in fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory-plugins

tx pull -a -f

Increment FusionDirectory version

open include/

Change the version number in :

define ("FD_VERSION", "1.2.x");

Update the AUTHORS file

Add the authors of all the patchs we received to the AUTHORS file

* Markus Amersdorfer <>
    Wiki setup, Testing, hints, proposals

Updates the

To update the you must first run the following command, at the end you have to put the milestone you want a changelog for --config-file ~/.python-gitlab.cfg --gitlab fd --project "fusiondirectory/fd" --project "fusiondirectory/fd-plugins" "FusionDirectory 1.3.1"

Update the user documentation

open an issue ins the user manual issues to update the release notes for the supported version, label this issue ~release and with the correct milestone

The content should got into source/fusiondirectory/update/supported

the file should be named like in this example current version to new version


Update the UPGRADE documentation

Update with a new section for the new version corresponding to what you have put into user manual supported after updating the documentation for the release

you can run for example

pandoc --from rst --to markdown -o 1.3-to-1.3.1.rst

directly in the user-manual source to generate the content to copy/paste at the end of UPGRADE.MD

Update manpages

Regenerate the manpages with the new version, use the from the dev-tools fusiondirectory 1.2.3

this as to be done for fusiondirectory

Merge the fixes branch into master

Only a gitlab master account user can do the merge on the master branch

Tag the release

After merging the release we need to tag the release. go to FusionDirectory tags and FusionDirectory Plugin tags

  • Paste the corresponding to the release we just made
  • Upload the fusiondirectory-xxx.tar.gz and fusiondirectory-plugins-xxx.tar.gz to the tag

Run the ci for the schema-history website

Once the tags for a release are created in both fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory-plugins, the CI of schema-history project needs to run to update the schema website.

The CI is at schema history