Plugin folder organization

The directories in a FusionDirectory plugin look like this:

  • addons: used if the plugin put things in the addons menu category
  • admin: main dir for all plugins going into the admin menu category
  • config: configuration dir, used if the plugin need to store option in ldap
  • contrib: used to put all the contributed files like schema, docs, manpages etc..
    • openldap: Schemas for the openldap server
    • docs: Documentation how to use the plugin
  • html: used to put all the images or other public files
    • plugins
      • plugin_name
        • images: images which are not icons
    • themes
      • breezy
        • icons: icons to add to default breezy theme
          • 48: sorted by size, for instance 48x48
            • apps: then by category, use apps for application icons
              • myapp.png: format should be png. This example file would be used as geticon.php?context=applications&icon=myapp
  • ihtml: used to put all the smarty template files
    • themes
      • breezy: smarty templates
  • locale: used for localization of the plugin
    • en: language iso code
      • fusiondirectory.po: message file
  • personal: used when plugin is to be used to manage user properties
  • includes: used for files available for inclusion for other plugins

addons, admin, config, personal

These directories should contain a subdirectory named as the plugin, or as an other plugin which we extend. For instance, argonaut plugin contains admin/systems/argonaut/

Installation of a plugin

For addons, admin, config, and personal folders, the content should go into <fd_dir>/plugins/<dir>/

For html, ihtml, include, the content should go into <fd_dir>/<dir>/

For contrib/openldap, the content should go into <ldap_schemas_dir>/fusiondirectory/

For contrib/etc, the content should go into /etc/fusiondirectory/<plugin_name>.

For contrib/doc, the content may go into <doc_dir>/fusiondirectory-plugin-<plugin_name>.

Special cases:

  • in html/themes/<theme_name>, svg folder may be ignored
  • content of locale goes into <fd_dir>/locale/plugins/<plugin_name>/locale/