Configuration back-end

If your plugin needs to have some configuration stored into the LDAP and to appear in the configuration page accessible from the menu, you need to create another class for the configuration backend, inside your plugin.

Class for the configuration

You need to create a simplePlugin inheriting class that will have the objectType ‘configuration’ if you want a whole tab for your plugin or simply ‘smallConfig’ if you have only one or two sections that can be displayed with the other plugins in the plugins tab of the configuration.

LDAP storage for the configuration

To store your configuration options into the LDAP backend you will need to write your own schema. The options needs to have a name which starts by the prefix ‘fd’.

They will be accessible in the PHP code using:

$config->get_cfg_value('option_name', default_value)

With option_name being the option name without the ‘fd’ prefix.