LDAP naming rules

When naming your LDAP objectClass and/or attributes, please follow these rules:

  • Two first letter of your attribute or objectClass shoud be fd
  • After that each letter that start a new word should be in uppercase
  • Choose a meaningful name, that says what the attribute does
  • If possible choose a first word that is common for all attributes of your objectClass
  • Fill the attribute description in your LDAP schema

Also, remember to use the LDAP number rules

For plugins configuration objectClass, the following scheme shoud be used: fdNamePluginConf (for instance fdSystemsPluginConf)



The description field should always start with “FusionDirectory - “


attributetype ( NAME ‘fdArgonautProtocol’
DESC ‘FusionDirectory - Argonaut, protocol.’
EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match